Google My Business Local On-Page Optimization Strategy

Local On-Page Optimization Strategy

Creating Geo-Relevance and Brand Co-Occurrence by Tweaking Your Location Pages

Hey everyone, Hayden here with an updated guide for local on-page optimization. Our guide combines well-known tactics with little-known strategies and advice designed to take your on-page knowledge to another level.

And if you would rather us handle the on-page, our local on-page optimization is standard in our 180 day Google My Business SEO campaigns.

23 Point On-Page Strategy Designed for Local Maps Impact


Keyword Prominence, Authority Signals, and Local Relevance

We took basic on-page optimization and turned it on its head using the latest research and patent applications, combined with some old-school strategies that have withstood the test of time to present a high-performing strategy that we have tested across multiple niches and sites to ensure its effectiveness.


Cora SEO Page Tuning:
Run Cora SEO analysis and create a page tuning report based on top 10 results for the local keyword.

Page Title:
Use co-occurrence with Brand Name + Keyword + Location close together. The main Keyword should be in the page title. An exception to this is when the main keyword is in the URL, then use a variation.
Example Page Title:

Meta Description:
Use keyword + location with variations designed for CTR.
Example Meta Description:
Find Out How Many New Customers You are Missing by Not Using the Top Online Marketing Strategies for Your Hanover Business. Make My Business Boom are digital marketing experts offering web design and SEO in Hanover PA and are ready to help you gain more leads, clients, and customers.

Use 2nd keyword (or category) + location
Example H1 Tag:
Hanover’s Top Web Design and SEO Agency

Use variations and longtail niche keywords
Example H2 Tag:
Creating Successful Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising, and Web Design Strategies

H2/H3 Categories:
A bulleted list of GMB categories that link to inner service pages set in H2 or H3 tags.
Example H2/H3 Categories (categories are in blue):
Internet Marketing Service and SEO
Website Designer and Development
PPC Marketing Agency
Facebook Advertising Agency

Long tail and keyword variations with geo-relevant modifiers.
Example H3:
York and Adams County PPC and SEO Marketing Agency
Read Our Reviews for Hanover Website Design and SEO

Picture Alt Text:
Keyword or variation
Example Picture Alt Text:
SEO and Web Design Agency in Hanover

YouTube Video Embed:
The title should be locally relevant and include co-occurrence. The video should be embedded below the fold.
Example YouTube Video Embed:
Web Design in Hanover PA – Make My Business Boom

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